Thursday, February 7, 2008

2 new poems

Feb. 6 While He Slept

she held his hand
in a way she hadn't before
not like this before

she took it in both her long-
fingered hands
studied the length of
his fingers, the design
of the palm
the whiteness of nails
against the tanned skin

he didn't flinch
he didn't move away
he didn't pull back
unaware of her presence
his discomfort didn't
visit him

she got brave
kissed each finger
then ran them, interlaced
through the fence of her own
spread of fingers

still he didn't move
laid still as a bear
asleep for the duration
of the season

so deep in sleep was he
she vacillated between
attempting to wake him
and allowing the night to pass

she revelled in this
time of peace
she silently chose
not to be the one to
end it.

Feb. 7th What Is Not

this is not a poem about the war in Iraq
this is not a poem about political platforms
or who the next preseidnet might be
this is not a poem about foreclosure
this is not a poem about Wall Street
it is not about recession
it is not about stem cell research
this is not a poem about abortion
this is not a poem about abstinence
this is not a poem about a patriarchal society
this is not a pome about Britney Spears or
Hollywood starlets with
substance abuse problems
this is not a poem about the weather
this is not about China or
the products that are made there
this is not a poem that will ever make news.
karen saint

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