Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hello all. I must apologize for the last two poems, well the first one was fine, but the second, though I attempted to edit it, came out wrong so i am putting it down again.

A Long Season

where did we leave off?
you ask, distractedly,
like someone does who has drifted
away only to suddenly be called back
as if recognizing the sound of
their own name for
the very first time

the child walks ahead,
skips ahead,
runs ahead,
her feet leaving small prints like
an animal in the snow

all the way to the mailbox
I call to her
she who does not listen
doesn't turn her head,
not even out of respect,
or to silence my calling
she so eager to discover

what might be hiding beneath
the snow.
I told her spring is on the way
but not yet
she only heard
the first couple of words

took them,
held them in her hand
and ran and ran
and ran ahead
beating me to the mailbox
the daily news

maybe hoping the headlines
announced the early arrival
of the new season
or that the mailbox
held some sign of spring,
a renegade nesting of birds
the early crocus braving the cold

when we turned towards the house
just for a moment
I thought I caught sight
og you moving in the window
emerging from the dark place,
you keep yourself in
when the world is too cold
to bear

just as quickly
I see a misguided
ray of light
has hit the window
distorted my view

spring is on the way
but not yet.


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