Thursday, February 7, 2008

Poems February 4th and 5th

February 4th Late Poem

he points out Orion's Belt
his arm, torso
he finds the north star
another galaxy
another sun
another solar system
all at a very safe distance

she reaches out to love
He says "I love you" and
pushes her back
down on the ground
says "I love you" and
leaves her in a heap
a crumpled leaf on the curb

she thinks he rules
the sun and the moon and
every star in the sky
he says "I love you"
and pushes her farther away

she wonders
what kind of mother
rejects her own son?
February 5th Satellite Boy on Fat Tuesday

sing-screams Billy Joe
across a wind-filled courtyard
in southern suburban sprawl
and the old floridians
come out to dance.


by karen saint

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