Tuesday, February 17, 2009

About Saving

the children are coming to visit
the children are coming to stay
awhile to find the place
you've been hiding out in,
to see it for themselves

you don't say a thing but
you think I can save them
you think I can save you
you think I have the patience
of someone who saves

we are all blinded by this
furious tropical sunlight
that renders the eye
useless, viewing spots
upon the leopard

I say I have pots and pans to purchase,
guest rooms to tidy,
and properly towel,
a refrigerator to stock with the
requested necessities

I haven't the time for incantations
for plans of action
for lectures, lovingly presented

these children are grown
these children will arrive with
their own baggage
these children are like bag people,
so heavy with the selves they have
carried all these years

at twenty-one I thought I might
save the world
change the world
make a difference in the world
by the virtue of my youthful brilliance
and enthusiasm

now I yearn for a quiet
uncomplicated moment
a breath of air
to cleanse,
to calm my mind

I might
be able
to save something
of myself.


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