Monday, February 2, 2009

Spring Preview

(New York)

I don't do well writing in the middle
of conversation
I said to the man in the grey scarf
his eyes said
in this city
get used to it

the sun comes thru glass
behind me
warming me till I sweat

today i learned the meaning of Indie rock
and Wi-Fi coffee houses
without poets
or philosophers

just this pretty city picture
of exposed brick
exposed pipes
exposed apples and croissants

a sound track of covers by these
"indie rockers"
drowns out any
clear thought
till I wish they'd sleep

I become the recorder of a world
that goes by like a
magazine read on
an airplane

pretty pictures
technicolor vision
beside my lipstick stained
coffee cup
while somewhere a groundhog
considers opening his eyes
to the possibility of spring.


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