Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beach People

I draw beach people on Sanibel Island
I draw them randomly without asking permission
I draw them quickly
lines indicating shape and gesture
I am a voyeur behind shades
the beach is seashell-coated
the people have organic bodies
that grew out of the sand
sketchy limbs jutting out beneath
plaid shorts and rolled sleeves
bulbous bellies protruding
above lycra suits
seagulls circle and cry

I give them color without paint
I breathe life into their faces
their noses and mouths
I lift their arms or leave
them dangling like weak branches
I lift their legs, make them
run along the shore
a few dance, the young ones,
with abandon and without seeing themselves
the others move slowly,
eyes to the sand, searching,
some hand-in-hand,
eyes to the horizon, knowing

For today,
we exist here only
as beings, one with the earth
only in the searing sun
our faces kissed
our eyes closed
thinking we have
found a paradise
like we have come home.


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