Monday, February 9, 2009

Modern Life:Part I. One Liners

Ryan Ray lives in LA surviving on bread and potatoes
waiting for a call back that doesn't come in a studio
apartment in no man's land

Jerry builds a fortress in paradise pretending his
past life never happened while fixing his wig in the mirror

Errol sleeps his gastro-intestinal problems away
and his wife works and feeds the children yogurt
and frozen waffles in
the center of chaos

Mary Ella watches old movies and historical documentaries,
resting her breasts on the arm of an old stuffed chair
drinking old and cold coffee for days
before making a fresh pot

Ginger snaps her bra strap
strips and lets men touch her for twenty dollars
in between her thighs in dark corners of the cabaret
which is her life

Aesop writes fairy tales and wonders why his mother
chose such an odd name and then left him with strangers
holding a box of cereal with his picture on it

I look for meaning and find only brick walls


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