Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day Four - anna kiss

the forward surge

all the good thoughts were
taken by morning:
the sluggish waking
of this reluctant citizen
motivated equally by
a lifelong cultivation
of puritan work ethic
and a taste for anarcho-stylings
so that what needs to be done
and what should be done
are drawn in stark contrast.

it is troublesome for the mind
to reconcile -
the warped imagery of
examining both
what is close up
and what is far away,
the macro
and the micro,
the acute
and the general,
and neither wins out
no call is made,
only the stomach grinds
with such confusion
the seas churn
and crash
no stillness.
no silence.
just the pounding headache
rising mountainous
between Should and Must,
Right and Worthy.

the economics of Doing
become complicated by
need and desire.
the line between grows indistinct
under this desert of snow,
this lengthening winter,
this growing sorrow
made of deepening poverty,
long darknesses,
no net joined of long arms in stretched embrace,
just two legs cast a'striding
all day, everyday.

how much can one ask of one's hands?
how much work must be wrought by the hands
before the heart wears out?

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