Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sing with me now once again that precious lullaby
That held the realms of hell away and let my life float by
The source of nature, held afar, kept at a safe arm's length
The sweet, lost little melody that once did give us strength
Its notes flew over little chords, a musical embrace
That desperate tune of memory and pain we had to face
A trinket of our past, a song, that echoes in my mind
A tune of hope and prayers for all that would happen in time
The blessed little harmony kept me awake at night
It haunted me throughout the day, it held onto me tight
So sing with me again one time the song that we both know;
The precious little lullaby that helped us once to grow.


anna kiss said...

That's a pretty dang decent rhyme. Something I never attempt. Can't get my words right. Prefer alliteration for ease.

EliOllie said...

Thanks. I have too much sing-song in my head. Dr. Suess' fault, perhaps? =)