Saturday, February 21, 2009


What's wrong, little child?
Hanging pendulum from the ceiling
Licking the thorny vine
Millenniums pass and still looking
Silent stars, your single companion
Lost, lonely girl
Where has your life gone?
And what have you to show for it?
Picking trash to stay alive
Tripping over dead and decomposing dreams
Left to rot in a pool of acid
Dripping chemicals like a ladybug's tear

Strong scents of incense
Drifting through the heavy blankets of smog
That stings my eyes and makes them tear
The songbird sings no more

Fear not, she says
There is a safe escape
Do not listen to what they tell you
You have chosen your fate
Planned it thoroughly
And you dare claim to be afraid?

Death smiles all around us
Kneading his twisted fingers into a ball of success
Grinning with his evil eye
Life becomes powerless
Overcoming neither the simple task of survival
nor the eternal dream of happiness

I see your face is covered
Peering through the eerie silence
There is nobody left but you and me---
Find your own way home.

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