Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day Ten - anna kiss

Things I Need To Do:

  • file taxes for my failed business
  • first contact CPA to barter with for filing taxes for my failed business
  • write two more poems I did not write
  • reapply for the soap wholesale account I already successfully applied for twice
  • then order soap
  • collect donations from mama friends for mama friend
  • ship gifts before baby is born
  • schedule babysitter for wine-tasting
  • finish giant blue argyle monkey
  • sew smaller blue argyle monkey
  • write newsletter for the food co-op
  • pay sales tax on past orders (and remember what past orders were)
  • come up with a gift for six-year-old whose heart is on wrong side of body
  • invent craft for Friday Lego Club
  • bake something delightful for Friday Lego Club
  • realize my own fallibility
  • read more of the Tolkien, improve literary knowledge
  • watch the Kurosawa films from the library, increase film knowledge
  • photoshop photos of lady's baby, hopefully find that my eye works, and photography knowledge not terrible
  • mop floors
  • find time to get all objects, food, bits of things off floor via dusting, sweeping then vacuuming prior to mopping
  • contact maurice regarding community supported agriculture group and the cooperation of our cooperatives
  • submit recipes to co-op cookbook, passing variation of muffin recipe off as new recipe
  • work on presentation to make me world famous environmental lifestyle expert for April PTA meeting
  • return emails, sound brilliant
  • pay bills, ensure they are not late and that I've not forgotten any
  • deposit check, poisoned by hate, re-frame in mind as gift from universe to aid in the reduction of poverty

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