Sunday, February 1, 2009

And we're off!

Welcome one and all to February 1st. If you're not watching The Super Bowl, I assume you're all busy writing poetry. As well you should. And I hope you're all off to magical starts, full of eloquence and ease as you capture your experience or turn a phrase to consider sweaty men tossing about pigskins.

One participant
this year has announced that all her work will be through Twitter, thus limiting her poems to 140 characters. This may turn out to be a radical use of technology to create new trends in poetry. We could do whole collections of Twitter art, and I'm sure before long coffee table books will come out doing just that. So you go, girl. Do it.

And thus I extend the same phrase to all of those participating. Go! Let your fingers run across pages and keyboards and QWERTY-equipped cell phones! Let the words and phrases drip slowly and quickly and haphazardly from your brain and long-fingered hands! Be rash and bold and wild! Be onomatopoeic! Write poetry and let poetry write you!!!

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