Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Lay me out upon the tomb -
let you know that I will see you soon.
Press my ear against the ground -
let you know that I'll see you around.
Touch my body to the stone -
and I can recall your dying moan.
Let my soul fly with the wind -
let the gods above know I have sinned.

Climb up to the mountaintop -
make the world that spins around us stop.
Crawl down to the dusty bin -
let the black musk earth swallow me in.

I'm alone and I am free -
this is just what I was meant to be.
Time around me never stops -
as I stand high on the mountaintop.
Ne'er again to touch the ground -
as my ashes fly around the town.
I've left my mark upon the hill -
And my soul is free and is there still.

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